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BOE Smart First Aid Solution

Establish a unified quick-response IoT platform based on 5G technology to empower a 120 emergency treatment system. While improving response efficiency, family monitoring equipment, public emergency treatment equipment and professional equipment on ambulances is connected with IoT technology, to quickly collect the vital sign data of patients, thus realizing intelligent coordination with big data and AI technology, optimizing the dispatching of subsequent emergency treatment resources and guaranteeing timely rescue .

Solution Composition

  • Operation Mode

  • Terminal Products

    Core Values

  • The core of the urban public health emergency rescue system, ensuring effective resource allocation and assisting governments in quick decision making
  • Real-time and visualized patient data and sites of first-aid, comprehensively improving on-site and remote treatment capabilities along with patient perception and satisfaction
  • Realize real-time connection of first-aid sites, dispatch platforms and hospitals, thus reducing noise and missed information during transmission and improving first-aid efficiency
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