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Power Trading Management Solution

In september 2015, the opinions on further deepening the reform of the electric power system (z fa [2015] no.9) was issued by the cpc central committee and the state council. electricity prices in competitive links other than transmission and distribution will be released in an orderly manner, electricity distribution and sales services will be released to social capital in an orderly manner, and electricity generation and consumption plans other than public welfare and regulation will be released in an orderly manner in accordance with the institutional framework of "controlling the middle and letting go of both ends". in 2017, boeet entered the electricity sales market to help power users reduce electricity prices and save electricity costs on the basis of catalog pricing.

Business Model

  • Business Content

    Power Trading

    • From user application entry to expense settlement report analysis, boeet provides full-process services for power sales to help power users save electricity costs.

    Qualification & Performance

    • Possess electricity sales qualifications for Beijing, Tianjin, Northern Hebei Province, Hebei, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Fujian, Sichuan, Chongqing, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai and other 18 provinces.

    • Possess rich experience in electricity trading. the volume of power trading is increasing year by year, reaching 1.9 billion kwh of electricity in 2018, and 4.6 billion kwh in 2019, saving customers nearly 500 million yuan in electric charges. it is estimated that 10 billion kwh of electricity will be transacted in 2020.

    • Possess a stable electric power supply through strategic cooperation with power plants such as chn energy, sdic power, datang and cr power.

    Value-Added Service (vas)

    Carbon asset management

    Carbon asset management

  • 1. Provide customers with carbon quota, ccer trading, carbon inventory, carbon asset optimization and other services.
  • Electricity consumption data analysis

    Electricity consumption data analysis

  • 1. We developed the smart power trading platform be-trading to help users with electricity consumption management, load forecasting, power analysis, and deviation management.
  • Energy conservation service

    Energy conservation service

  • 1. Provide energy-conservation transformation services for customers.
  • Power operation and maintenance

    Power operation and maintenance

  • 1. Boe has class-3 power general contractor qualifications and class-4 installation, repair, and testing undertaking qualifications, which allows for the undertaking of construction, operation and maintenance of power.
  • Cases

    • Anhui
      A power consumption enterprise as a new industrial production enterprise with an annual power consumption of 1.2 billion kwh. boeet assisted it in handling user access and agent participation in power trading, saving about 80 million yuan in electricity charges for users in 2019; boeet installed an electrical acquisition system free of charge and provided monthly electricity data analysis for users in anhui.
    • Beijing
      When the annual power consumption of the power users in a development zone reached 800 million kwh, boeet acted as its agent to participate in power trading and provided electricity charge modification services, saving about 30 million yuan for the users in 2019; boeet provided carbon trading services for users in beijing and completed ccer trading of 10,000 tons in 2019.