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BOE Digital Hospital Solution

With the vision of continuously improving the experience of medical workers and patients in medical treatment, and the mission of continuously improving the level of medical and health services in China, BOE's digital hospital solution adopts the innovative model of Internet + display port + AI medical big data, and relies on the advantages of BOE display products to provide hospitals with WIT120 solutions that integrate hardware and software.

Smart Outpatient

The smart outpatient system focuses on timeliness and convenience, which can provide patients with orderly waiting services, and reduce waiting times to the greatest extent possible. Functions such as information publication, health education, and real-time TV program broadcasting are added to the traditional outpatient system, so as to realize the multiplexing of outpatient screen hardware and provide the hospital with the maximized investment in the construction of a digital hospital.

Smart Outpatient Technology System Architecture

  • Information Publication Functional Modules

  • Patient triage
  • Triage calling
  • Outpatient passenger flow analysis
  • Health education
  • Product Advantages

  • Scheduling management

    The product supports distributed and centralized scheduling modes, and can be managed by the outpatient department and different departments

  • Flexible configuration

    The product supports multi-role, multi-authority configuration management, and can be configured and managed by doctors, nurses, and administrators.

  • Customization

    The product supports personalized and template-based scheduling methods, periodic management and customized management of templates, which can be adjusted according to the preliminary diagnosis of doctors.

  • Data source management

    The product supports the non-destructive import of doctor information and queue information source data.

  • Smart Inpatient Area

    The smart inpatient area system focuses on serving medical staff and providing high-quality patient services, including solutions such as mobile care, smart infusion monitoring, and smart calling for medical staff, and other patient-oriented bedside services for patients.

    • Smart inpatient area system architecture
    • Inpatient area information center
    • Inpatient area electronic products
    • Smart inpatient area system architecture
    • Inpatient area information center
    • Inpatient area electronic products


    Relying on BOE's rich technical IoT and cloud computing resources, telemedicine services such as remote consultation, remote clinic and remote education are carried out, so as to improve the diagnosis and treatment capabilities of primary medical institutions and patient satisfaction in terms of software, hardware, personnel, training of medical institutions.

    Telemedicine System Technical Architecture

  • Product Information

  • Floor-type remote consultation machine (single screen display)

    Applicable to downstream consultation centers and outpatient rooms

  • Ffloor-type remote consultation machine (double screen display)

    Applicable to upstream specialist consultations and outpatient centers

  • Floor-type remote consultation machine (triple screen display)

    Applicable to upstream hospitals and regional consultation centers

  • Medical Consortium

    The medical consortium system provides business coordination support for medical institutions of different levels through information technology, which can effectively implement the national hierarchical medical system, so as to achieve the medical reform goal of "preliminary consultation in the primary hospital, two-way referral, upper and lower linkage, and separate treatment for acute and chronic diseases".

  • Digital Human Body

    The digital human body is a visualized life data interaction and medical service platform constructed by fusing medical knowledge such as physiology, pathology, medical imaging, and information technologies such as AI, computer vision, and 3D image processing. It is also a practical application of the BOE medical-industrial joint philosophy

  • Digital human body app

    Created for those who are concerned with their health, it is a visualized and highly interactive closed-loop health management platform, aimed at solving the health management needs of users in medical institutions, families and other scenarios, which can improve the health quality of users

    • Visualized health files: create an exclusive 3D digital human body to make health status clear at a glance
    • Smart health analysis: smart identification of physical examination and medical reports, one-click analysis of health quality
    • 3D smart pre-diagnosis: 3D human interaction combined with the consultation of AI doctors to quickly complete disease pre-diagnosis
    • Exclusive health plan: personalized and customized health plan for steady improvement in health conditions
    • Private doctor management: contract with private doctors to manage chronic diseases scientifically
    • 3D health encyclopedia: use clear and intuitive health knowledge to make medical knowledge clearly understandable

    Chronic Disease Management

  • With the goal of "improving treatment effects and reducing medical costs", the standard diagnosis and treatment guidelines for chronic diseases are implemented. Combining smart blood pressure, blood glucose and other IoT detection equipment with independent intellectual property rights, the detection data and analysis results are viewed in real time through the chronic disease management system, and integrated disease course intervention and management is promoted for the treatment of chronic diseases.
  • Cases

  • Hefei boe hospital
  • Chengdu boe hospital
  • Oasis international hospital
  • Fuqing municipal hospital
  • Baidu