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Highly-Efficient and Energy-Saving Solutions

Solutions include a comprehensive energy-usage service solution and a smart lighting solution. the comprehensive energy-usage service solutions focuses on four subdivision technology fields: cda systems, heating and cooling systems, sludge and sewage treatment, and energy-saving upgrades to equipment. the smart lighting solution provides high-efficiency semiconductor lighting products. customers can build a "smart factory", a "smart industrial park" and a "smart school" with the help of the self-developed energy efficiency management system and the smart lighting control system.

System Architecture

  • Typical Solutions

    Comprehensive Energy-Usage Solution

  • Air compressor system solution

    Energy consumption diagnosis for software, and energy-savings reconstruction for hardware

  • Circulating water system solution

    Equipment upgrade and pipe network management

  • Environmental protection and emissions reduction system solution

    Waste water recovery and sludge treatment

  • Air conditioning and refrigeration system solution

    Smart operation in big data and governance in comprehensive COP

  • Energy efficiency management system

    Data analysis and process control

  • Green Smart Lighting Solution

    Lighting solutions

    Factory lighting
    Factory lighting
    Hospital lighting
    Hospital lighting
    Office lighting
    Office lighting
    Supermarket lighting
    Supermarket lighting
    Flood lighting
    Flood lighting
    Landscape lighting
    Landscape lighting

    Smart lighting control system

  • Guidance and identification system

  • School lighting solution

  • Cases

    Cases of Comprehensive Energy-Savings Reconstruction

  • Hefei xinsheng optoelectronics technology co., ltd. air compressor system renovation project
  • Beijing boe optoelectronics technology co., ltd fan renovation project
  • Erdos yuansheng optoelectronic co., ltd. air compressor renovation project
  • Boe (hebei) mobile display technology co., ltd. wastewater recycling project
  • Sinopharm weiqida pharmaceutical co., ltd. aerator renovation project
  • Sinopharm weiqida pharmaceutical co., ltd. moderate-resistance fan project
  • Cases of Green Smart Lighting

    • National library of china lighting renovation project
    • Central military commission bayi building meeting hall lighting renovation project
    • Hefei xinsheng optoelectronics technology co., ltd. clean room lighting renovation project
    • Shaoxing bank headquarters building lighting project
    • Boe core competence building lighting project
    • Faw-volkswagen lighting project